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Concha Gómez-Acebo (Málaga, 1960) started her career as a painter in Madrid during the 1980s, there she had her first individual exhibition. Francisco Calvo Serraller wrote an article for the Arts Section in the daily newspaper El País titled A romantic painter. The “creation of her own worlds”, as Mariano Navarro says, of “the worlds we contemplate that are shelters from an interior life”, in words of Ramón Mayrata, have given shape to a subjective intimacy that reveals a silent contemplation of the world and a quiet tale of memory: “absence and presence” –Jose María Parreño writes­–,”Nearby outskirts”, as Juan Pablo Wert points out on account of her exhibition Cercanías in 2009.

At the moment she works in Madrid and is one of the group of painters attached to Utopia Parkway Art Gallery. She has lived in Rome, London, Quito, Madrid, several places of the Castilian plateau, Buenos Aires, Rosario and Brasilia. Besides, she has shown her work in the Museum of Guadalajara (Spain), El Círculo de Bellas Artes in Rosario and the Cervantes Institute in Brasilia.

She has worked with Spanish painter Carlos Franco in several mural painting projects such as the one carried out for the Casa de la Panadería, in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid and among others, a mural for the bullring of the Real Maestranza de Ronda (Málaga).

Her work has been searching paths that lead from the mythological to the personal, from the external landscape to the interior one, from irony to the closed scrutiny over the mystery that dwells in human beings, city and earth. An outlook on herself.



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