Concha Gómez-Acebo
Vanity and tirany
September 2020


Mistery “can not be seen nor explained” it is simply “what strikes you”, Tomás Segovia the poet says. These paintings are manifestations of misteries that are hidden behind stories that have interested me in novels or fairy tales. And fundamentally of the women in these novels and stories. I don’t want to reveal them or know exactly what they are, I just want to paint them.

 In the paintings were coming out the sensations that produced these stories: restlessness, fear, the unsaid, what is left to glimpse about the world and the human being. Its lights, its wonders and its darkness. Rooms and woods appeared without knowing to whom they would end up belonging. And what I painted kept drifting into spaces that belonged to women. Women from stories and literature. Anna Karenina, Penélope, Catherine of Wuthering Heights, Titania, Snowhite, Cinderella, Black Angels…

Tables, chairs, dresses, shoes, couches, curtains, plants, mirrors that give clues. Women and passions that alienate them and lead them down one path or another.The appearance and disguises with which women cover or discover themselves. Vanity and tyranny.