Javier Hontoria
El Cultural. El Mundo, 25 October 2000
Utopia Parkway Art Gallery in Madrid


Concha Gómez-Acebo’s painting is essentially a recollection of all kind of personal experiences. An iconography full of allusions to certain relevant moments in the artist life, in whose cardboards and canvasses we can appraise an emotional flirtation between fantasy and illusion. Open windows. Reminiscences that flow with the air and tirelessly hover over empty rooms loaded with memory. She paid her own significant homage in her previous exhibition to Tintin. Those were wistful paintings, showing restful dormant women (self-portraits?) paintings that drifted through Herge’s interpretation of his famous main character. The paints we look upon in this exhibition have made those dreams come true. They have a powerful narrative effect, the artist refers to distant exotic places, full of magic. She seems especially concerned with the poetic that sojourns in the journey and uses collage technique as a successful tool; as she combines and photographs with scraps from modern magazines. One of the works, Viajera, shows a brisk woman walking along an unreal landscape with a small suitcase coated with old labels from visited sites in the past. Inside this suitcase dreams and reminiscences take rest from a long, unforeseen, but nevertheless unforgettable journey.