W. Hermusche
Concha Gómez-Acebo. Dream, memories, reality.
Catalogue of the exhibition Em Brasília. Brazil, June 2012.


Concha Gómez-Acebo has been following her paths in Brazil for a year, wondering about hidden meanings behind the scenes she beholds. Collecting clues. Testifying of a lonesome journey through paintings and drawings carefully made with many layers, a multitude of sights, thoughts, memories, feelings, and intuitions . Silent evidences of her human perceptions when faced with our Brazilian urban and nature landscape.

A free spirit, imagination and sensitivity are needed to unveil the contents of these paintings and drawings. Still lifes depict glasses with flowers, roots, and seeds in front of city maps. Illuminated hotels, lost in the darkness. Silent ladies waiting eventual customers for their self-made products. Dense cloudy skies as a metaphor for the colective unconsciousness. Scenes of the electric and vibrant Brazilian savannah –home to millions of endemic plants, insects, birds, and animals. Lost houses in the landscape… ideal settings for film scenes, secret plot meetings, a conversation with a spiritual master, a secret lovers’ encounter.

And through her studio’s window…the city. Back there with it’s drama. The human drama. The local and global drama of contemporary society is portrayed with accuracy and humor, subtlety suggested on painted canvases.


These quiet artworks leaves room for further meditation and learning about the world we live in. Awareness. Evolution. How are humans kept emotionaly and mentaly safe -interacting in a civilized manner with the global tsunami we are going through?

The ultimate function of Art in today’s world.

Concha Acebo delicately collects archetypes and registers them on canvas and paper with a technical mastery obtained throughout a long journey of painting and drawing, just provoking introspection. Meditation. Search. In her own words: “Pintar es ir detrás de un rastro que no tiene límite definido “

Decades of taking in Life through the optics of Art.