Concha Gómez-Acebo
Silent Nature
Catalogue of the exhibition Naturaleza en silencio, Galería Utopia Parkway, 2015.


When I came to Brazil in April 2011, before the removal van had arrived with all my working tools I started to paint. With the usual confusion that occurs when you move to another country (another continent, another house, another study and another language) I settled down beside a large window that filtered the light inside. The kind of light that moves you to enter deep into it and paint.

I started with a small leaf in a glass of water and a book. The leaf begun ever so quickly to put down roots. These kind of natural phenomenon are rather frequent in the Tropic.

So then, following this thread I continued. There are seeds. Dried fruits, bit of plants, lemons from and old lemon tree, family photos, images from Brazil, maps and books, that are other leaves from life. And some memories

Silence and memory.

The interior in this case is my study, is the place where nature can only enter lifeless or at rest. Silent. At the same time other images begun to appear, lonely hotels and hidden places

From the interior I have done an introspective and symbolic journey to many things (childhood, grief, life, death).