José Suárez–Inclán
The internal landscape in the work of Concha Gómez–Acebo
. Em Brasília
EM BRASÍLIA. Utopia Parkway Art Gallery. Madrid, 2011


This exhibition shows part of Concha Gómez-Acebo’s creative activity since she established herself in Brasilia, in April 2011. The 18 paintings and audiovisual performance that form the exhibition are the outcome, as she explains, of “a deliberate look”, a contemplation. So then, as any contemplation, an internal journey, a cycle that repeats itself in human beings and one of the specific qualities in Concha Gómez-Acebo’s painting, that, as Odysseus the adventurer, “cannot tell where it may lead you”. But the end of the journey is unavoidable and always the same; it ends in yourself.

If in her previous exhibition in 2010 in Utopia Parkway Art Gallery the look –herself translating the world and translating herself through painting- she travelled in a commuter train in the hectic working Madrid morning bustle and the silent Castilian nightfall. She now does it in Brasilia’s white caustic light, in the turbulent contradiction of its skies, in the overwhelming nature full of noises and insects that grows unceasingly when it rains and burns when all is dry and “that lives with violence, death, darkness, the unimportant and naivety”. Brasilia within a plastic circle that follows the path from the day and night, the tropical savannah of the Cerrado to the unique sculptural urbanism of Niemeyer (sometimes seen from a mocking point of view), from the coldness that comes out of buildings conceived for the Civil Service and the luxurious aseptic swimming-pools of Lago Sul to the fugitive mysterious air of her hotels and the life that throbs in the marmitex street sellers, or in the rapaz riding a bycicle, the only human representations in this exhibition.

The painter is “Em Brasília”. She not only captures the landscape, she submerges herself, from her solitude, in Brasilia, a new world that modifies and rearranges the artist and her work. And where a mutual transformation takes place: Brasilia operates in the conversion of her creative look and the artist’s look recreates and changes the city.